Friday, 20 September 2013

Getting stuff ready

Hi Everybody!

This week has been eventful and interesting, me and Andy got registered at our new doctors surgery, and I was able to get booked in with our new midwife, ready for when me move to our new home :)
We also took an inventory of everything that we have been gifted and purchased in readiness for baby's arrival, which was very therapeutic, although maybe not as therapeutic as taking loads of the baby basics back home to wash, dry and iron so that they are nice, clean and fluffy for when our little bundle of joy arrives. It was quite possibly the only time I have really , really enjoyed doing the laundry. Here is the culmination of my mini nesting session!
What's Happening with Mummy
Lots of changes happening still, not only have I gained just over 2 stone, but my ankles are now swelling on a regular basis, I don't mind too much, but its quite uncomfortable if I want to go for a long walk ( which is one of my favourite forms of exercise)
Im sadly still getting heartburn, but thanks to a handy tip from my mum, its getting more under control with the use of Yakult pro-biotic drinks, I definitely recommend this to anyone who suffers!
I continue to get Braxton hicks (practice contractions), however I am learning how to deal with these the more they happen, I wont lie, they aren't the most pleasant of occurrences , but at least when I get the real contractions I will know how to deal with them!
What's Happening with Baby
The baby is continuing to kick and hiccup, however we don't feel her moving around as much now, having been reliably informed that the baby's head is now down, in readiness for the big day.
And finally.....
Thank you to everyone who has given us beautiful gifts for the baby over the last few months, here are just a few of the beautiful things we have been given ...

Thursday, 12 September 2013

These are a few of my favourite things ;)

Howdy and Hello,
Welcome to my week 31 blog entry , This week has been largely uneventful as I settle into domestic life with astounding ease ! I never thought i would enjoy keeping house and crafting ( and I reckon a lot of you reading this would never expect me to be able to keep a clean, orderly house either!) But nonetheless I have settled into my own little routine, which allows me to spend a small portion of my morning dusting, hoovering etc , and the rest of my day in relative comfort pursuing other interests.
I must confess that I am now starting to get a little bit more tired during the day, in fact yesterday I felt so tired that I spent the vast majority of the day either in bed asleep or on the sofa, early asleep! Fortunately I had nothing more pressing to attend to , other than having to go to the doctors for them to redo some blood tests. I count myself very lucky that Andy was able to take me and get me home, as by the time I got home I was ready to go back to bed! But I suppose these things happen sometimes ;(
Aside from the tiredness , I count myself lucky that although I have Braxton hicks every now and then, and heartburn on a daily basis, generally I am in good health, and getting bigger and bigger !

When I'm not cooking, cleaning or sleeping, my good friend Stacey has inspired me to try some new craft ideas, and so the last 2 weeks I have been learning to knit, and make bunting, I certainly have a long way to go until i can knit cardigans and the like, but hopefully with some instruction and perseverance I can get there one day ;-)
Babies movements
This week Andy and I continue to be amazed by how active she is during the day, We now feel hiccups on a regular basis, and when I hear a loud sudden noise, there is definite movement from within!
I continue to feel very blessed that my baby doesn't give me any sleepless nights yet , in fact after 11pm she generally settles down ( unless I try and roll over then she voices her displeasure!) From then on we don't hear a peep from her until at least 9am, I have a feeling she is taking after mummy just a little bit in that aspect!
Well thats all for now, Keep smiling and watch this space for more updates both pre and post birth ;)
P.S I found this wonderful playlist on which is perfect for relaxing to that I also want to share with you, enjoy


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Getting bigger, and ready to move house ;)

So here we are at week 30 ! Me and Andy are both really excited that we only have 10 weeks to go until we meet our beautiful new baby. I know for certain that I cant wait to give birth so I can attempt to stake my claim on my body once again lol!

As you can see from the picture to the left I am sporting quite a proud bump, and have many comments about the size of it, only a few days ago did someone think that I only have a few days left until I pop, which I found both scary and hilarious!

The baby is continuing to move around quite a lot which is really nice ( well apart from when I'm sitting upright , then it hurts like hell) and Andy has this lovely game he plays with our baby where he finds a foot and either tickles it , or taps on my bump which makes the baby kick and wiggle around a lot! most of the time it feels lovely, but I think he forgets how strong our little one is , as some of the kicks are a wee bit painful;(
However on the whole, the baby has settled into a routine quite independently, and as luck would have it, I never feel any kicking, hiccupping, moving around etc from 11pm until about 4ish so I count myself very lucky.

We are continuing to prepare to move house this week, we have sorted through all of our kitchen , bedroom and bathroom stuff and deep cleaned everywhere , in anticipation of people coming to view the flat, I must say I get a feeling of immense pride seeing our house looking to calm and clean and organised. We just have a few things left to sort out here , then we can start moving things into our new bungalow ;)

Well that's all for now, feel free to post predictions on babies weight if you can, as well as any nice names that we might have missed !

Ciao from Clan Musk