Tuesday, 21 April 2015

big changes in clan musk!

I am so so sorry, I haven't blogged in aaaaages :( things have been super busy of late and I just haven't had the time :(

So , news.... Kaylee is now 17 months old and full of mischief :) she continues to grow up and out and we are certain that she is going to be nice and tall as she grows older...

 Kaylee is also regularly enjoying playdates with her good friend Ben, who is helping her learn about sharing, am super proud of her :)

 And finally onto the big news... we have removed kaylee's cot sides and are braving the nights in a normal bed! (albeit with a mess safety side - just in case! ) scary times, hopefully a week off sleep. deprived nights won't follow...

Well that's all for now, sorry for long delay, I will try and update soon!  


Sunday, 28 September 2014

45 weeks old and progressing beautifully

Hard to believe that our darling baby girl is growing up so fast, seems like only yesterday that we were rushing into the delivery suite at the JPH for her to be born!

So much has changed since then, now Kaylee smiles and giggles and even says some basic words like "mama" and "dada" ;)

Within the last few weeks Kaylee has mastered standing up both with furniture and without, and as of today she has started taking tentative first steps on her own!! 
She has been learning to walk with this gorgeous walker we got her about a month ago, and since then, there has been no stopping her!

Another milestone has happened this month, Kaylee finally has her first tooth! sadly she caught her first cold at the same time, but after a difficult few days we were over the worst of it and she is now , thankfully back to her normal happy self :)

Our little girl continues to grow well , when we last got her weighed she was 43 weeks old and weighed a very impressive 22lbs 5oz! fortunately she is tall for her age at about 76cm:)

Well thats all for now, thanks for reading and will update again next month ;)


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Moving like a pro!

Howdy everybody!

This month has been really eventful and fun ;) firstly Kaylee started to pull herself up...

Then she learned how to crawl shortly after...

And then she started walking about with her walker shortly after that!

Its amazing how much she is growing up now and it goes without saying that me and Andy are so proud of her!
Also this week Kaylee's first teeth are starting to come through, with 2 little milk teeth on the bottom. As lovely as this is I will definitely miss Kaylee's toothless grin when all her teeth come through ;(

This month Kaylee also had her
9 month check up with the
health visitor , and we were pleased to learn that Kaylee is a whopping 20 lbs 8oz and 2ft 4 inches in height! which confirms our thoughts that Kaylee is tall for her age, and will probably be tall when she is older, Just like her Mummy ;)

The team remain happy with her progress in speech, mobility as well as her gross motor skills, and me and Andy remain happy with what a lovely social, happy and chatty child we have.

I cant wait to see what the next month holds , as we start to teach her how to feed herself!!!

Bye for now!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

8 months old and crawling already!

Hey Peeps !
This month has been great in terms of Kaylee's growth and development, Kaylee continues to grow into a beautiful and cheerful little girl, with her own range of sounds, babbles and noises !

Sorry Kaylee ....

Also this month Kaylee's biggest achievement is only a week or so  old.
Our Daughter has learned to crawl!
It seemed to happen very quickly, she went from being able to crawl backwards, to being able to crawl forwards with alarming speed! The video below was taken the day after she first picked it up , and me and Andy are still shocked by how fast she can move once she gets going :) Needless to say we are both very , very proud parents!

 Kaylee continues to grow into a very beautiful little girl, who regularly charms strangers and friends alike . Weighing in at 18 pounds 9 ounces, we can conclude that weaning is going well.

Well run out of time! will try and update more later ;)

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Weaning Fun!

Hi everybody!
We have made the brave decision to start weaning Kaylee!
Armed with a bright shiny new highchair and some premade puree's we begin our exciting journey.
Here is the little lady looking utterly adorable whilst breaking in the new furniture ;D
On a separate note I love our highchair, not only does it have a cool, wipeable surface, but you can also assemble and collapse with one hand, which is uber useful when holding a baby !
After doing some research we have tentatively started trying new foods and baby rice, and so far things seem to be going well :)

Even if eating is terribly messy and exhausting!
(btw another pro of this highchair is that it fully reclines , ready for occasions such as this!)
I'm proud to say that its not just weaning that Kaylee is doing well at, She is still incredibly well behaved and is growing up to be a very beautiful , smart and strong little girl.
We regularly enjoy storytime...
 and playing in the door bouncer,
 But she is never more happy that when cuddling and playing with Mummy..
 And Daddy....

Bye for now ;)
As most of you know I have been learning to drive with Gary Lee in his lovely red BMW. This is still going well and the plan is to be test ready around the end of  May. I thoroughly recommend this guy as not only does he have a Lovely car, he is also a really funny instructor ;)

Thursday, 20 February 2014

15 weeks old and getting very vocal!

Howdy Guys !
Its been a good couple of weeks, Kaylee has survived her second round of jabs, and was surprisingly happy by the time we got home from the doctors.....

Sadly it didn't last , as Kaylee was not her happy smiling self for the next few days as the vaccines started to take effect. But luckily after a few days all was well in the world of Kaylee.
The next few days were difficult as unfortunately we lost Kaylee's Maternal great Grandmother, but as ever Kaylee was the shining beacon of happiness and joy to all those who met her.
We were also lucky enough to see my brother, Kaylee's Uncle Mark who enjoyed a long awaited cuddle

Since then, Kaylee has continued to grow steadily, and is starting to engage with other objects and textures around her, and is at long last finding her voice. We are treated on a daily basis of some new sounds, gurgles and an steady flowing river of dribble....

Kaylee was also lucky enough to get a beautiful door bouncer from her Nanny and Grandad, here she is hanging out and finding her feet


Kaylee's night time routine is continuing to be a huge success, and we are happy that Kaylee continues to sleep for at least 10 hours overnight, which for a 15 week old baby is fairly fantastic in my humble opinion.
Here is my routine if anyone is interested ;)
5pm feeding time !
Kaylee normally naps for 30 Min's afterward  or relaxes in her chair whilst enjoying csi:ny
6pm Playtime, this is where I incorporate stories, tummy time, or more recently some time on her blankets where she rolls around and grabs some of her toys and fabrics

7pm : Bath time with music provided by the lovely Bruno Mars
7.20 ish Baby massage I use some music from an 8tracks play list (found here Kaylee's Massage Music), but there are tons of alternatives, you are aiming for a relaxing environment with low lighting.
{my local sure start centre runs a 6 week course for free, but I'm sure there are options for this where you live}
The baby massage has so many benefits, it moisturises the skin, Gets Kaylee used to human touch and contact, and really helps keep her bowels regular. However a useful side effect is that is tires Kaylee out, and makes her thirsty and hungry, which leads me to .....
7.45 Final Feed of the night with music from The world of Warcraft Album :The Burning Crusade
Followed with 15 minutes of cuddle time with mummy
8.00 Story time
I Put Kaylee in bed and read her a short story, by the time I'm finished she is nice and relaxed and ready for bed .
All so we can look forward to doing it all again the next morning :)

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Meeting new friends

Well Kaylee is 9 weeks old this week, and we decided to start participating in some of the groups in our area, with such a lot to choose from it took a little time to decide what we were going to do ...
I started the week on Tuesday with Bumblebees parent and toddler group. I really enjoyed myself and I think Kaylee enjoyed some of the toys, but I think that Kaylee is a little too young for it at the moment ,especially as the rest of the group consisted on 3 very boisterous boys, but oh well! live and learn!
On Wednesday we were all geared up to do Baby music makers which is a group designed for babies under 2 with simple instruments and singing, Sadly I managed to get us lost and so we didn't get there on time, the good news however is that I know exactly where it is for next week, with the added bonus that some of my new friends are also going which will be great fun ;)
To round off the week me and Kaylee went to our first Baby Bloom course session. This is a six week parenting course where you learn about communication, feeding, massage routines sleep etc....
I really enjoyed this session, I got to meet other mums and their babies, most of whom were born around the same time as Kaylee ;)

The next week is shaping up to be quite fun, as my mum and dad are having Kaylee for the night for the first time! Me and Andy have been invited to his works party which will be great fun I'm sure ;)
We also have baby massage to look forward to on Monday which we are totally excited about!

Well that's all for now, enjoy the pictures of our beautiful baby daughter below as well as her first mini video!


 Looking forward to Bath time!

 A proud mummy and a bored daughter!

 Kaylee revelling in her brand new playmat!