Sunday, 29 December 2013

Feeling Festive

Christmas Greetings to you all!
I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and that there were not too many sore heads !
The last 2 weeks has held some new challenges, joys and excitement !
Firstly we had my brothers wedding down in Hastings, this involved a 5 hour car journey south with Kaylee. Now for our first long distance trip I think things went surprisingly well. We left Norwich at midday after giving Kaylee a feed and change, and enjoying some lunch and coffee ( courtesy of the team at Starbucks)
Things were going well, and we didn't hit any traffic until Kaylee started to cry and we were nowhere near a service station! Fortunately I was sitting in the back and was able to soothe her until we were able to stop, feed and change her!
We eventually arrived in Hastings around 5pm , and after checking into our delightful Premier Inn room , settled down for a well needed nap before meeting up with other members of the family for a spot of dinner.
The next day we went out for a nice little walk before heading back to the hotel to get everyone ready. The ceremony was due to begin at 3, and so we thought that 2 hours to get ready would be plenty, how wrong we were, everything that could delay us , did! some time later after a little help from Mum, we were all ready and at the registry office in time and relaxed.
It was a beautiful ceremony and the bride and groom looked wonderful ...
And I have to say I don't think me and Andy scrubbed up to badly either....
 and though all our family were happy to see us, we were completely and happily upstaged by our beautiful daughter, who looked absolutely stunning in her cream party dress
Here she is with some of her adoring fans!
Kaylee and Helen Kaylee and Emma

 Mum and Kaylee
The proud Grandparents

Auntie Colleen and Kaylee
It was a wonderful day and Kaylee did so well, it was a very long day for her and so we left the happy newlyweds to party whilst we headed back to the hotel so Kaylee could get some rest and relax.
Christmas for the Musk clan was surprisingly unchanged, due to Kaylee being only 7 weeks old and Andy being at work (again)
That being said we had a lovely time Kaylee and I spent the day with mum and dad , we had decided not to open all of our gifts until Andy was home from work, and so we spent the day watching Christmas tv and enjoying plenty of cuddles and playtime with Kaylee.
Kaylee was given so many wonderful things, and although Kaylee was asleep for most of Christmas we had a lovely time , now we cant wait for next year when Kaylee will be 1 and able to fully enjoy Christmas, hopefully with Andy home as well ;)
Here is a picture of her very impressive Christmas present haul!
well that's all for now, Have a very happy new year, I hope it brings everything you are wishing for.