Tuesday, 21 April 2015

big changes in clan musk!

I am so so sorry, I haven't blogged in aaaaages :( things have been super busy of late and I just haven't had the time :(

So , news.... Kaylee is now 17 months old and full of mischief :) she continues to grow up and out and we are certain that she is going to be nice and tall as she grows older...

 Kaylee is also regularly enjoying playdates with her good friend Ben, who is helping her learn about sharing, am super proud of her :)

 And finally onto the big news... we have removed kaylee's cot sides and are braving the nights in a normal bed! (albeit with a mess safety side - just in case! ) scary times, hopefully a week off sleep. deprived nights won't follow...

Well that's all for now, sorry for long delay, I will try and update soon!