Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Moving like a pro!

Howdy everybody!

This month has been really eventful and fun ;) firstly Kaylee started to pull herself up...

Then she learned how to crawl shortly after...

And then she started walking about with her walker shortly after that!

Its amazing how much she is growing up now and it goes without saying that me and Andy are so proud of her!
Also this week Kaylee's first teeth are starting to come through, with 2 little milk teeth on the bottom. As lovely as this is I will definitely miss Kaylee's toothless grin when all her teeth come through ;(

This month Kaylee also had her
9 month check up with the
health visitor , and we were pleased to learn that Kaylee is a whopping 20 lbs 8oz and 2ft 4 inches in height! which confirms our thoughts that Kaylee is tall for her age, and will probably be tall when she is older, Just like her Mummy ;)

The team remain happy with her progress in speech, mobility as well as her gross motor skills, and me and Andy remain happy with what a lovely social, happy and chatty child we have.

I cant wait to see what the next month holds , as we start to teach her how to feed herself!!!

Bye for now!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

8 months old and crawling already!

Hey Peeps !
This month has been great in terms of Kaylee's growth and development, Kaylee continues to grow into a beautiful and cheerful little girl, with her own range of sounds, babbles and noises !

Sorry Kaylee ....

Also this month Kaylee's biggest achievement is only a week or so  old.
Our Daughter has learned to crawl!
It seemed to happen very quickly, she went from being able to crawl backwards, to being able to crawl forwards with alarming speed! The video below was taken the day after she first picked it up , and me and Andy are still shocked by how fast she can move once she gets going :) Needless to say we are both very , very proud parents!

 Kaylee continues to grow into a very beautiful little girl, who regularly charms strangers and friends alike . Weighing in at 18 pounds 9 ounces, we can conclude that weaning is going well.

Well run out of time! will try and update more later ;)