Thursday, 29 August 2013

Welcome to the Musk Family Blog

Hey there, and welcome to the Musk family blog!

As the title may imply , this is where we will now post all of our thoughts and feelings regarding my pregnancy and eventually our childs life.

In case you were wondering who we are, here is a delightful picture of me and Andy ( soon to be Daddy Musk) and myself from our wedding last September.

The newest addition to our little family is due to arrive in about 10 weeks time, and we are both getting so excited about meeting her, as are both our families.

Me and Andy have been together for nearly 9 years now and we are so exited to be taking this next step together at long last ( I think my mother is also very very excited !)

I hope you will enjoy this blog, which me and Andy will update regularly with how we are preparing for our new arrival, and what we will be getting up to once the baby makes her appearance .

As of this moment
I am 29 weeks pregnant, and we have started preparing to move into our new bungalow ready for the end of the month. I am getting quite a sizeable bump now, which is sitting low and proud, however this is making it quite hard for me to sleep.
Baby is continuing to move around regularly , particularly when music is being played . We recently discovered that the baby moves around a lot more when listening to soul music, especially Ray Charles!

Well that's all for now, Watch this space for another update in a few weeks time with new news and updates.