Saturday, 11 January 2014

Meeting new friends

Well Kaylee is 9 weeks old this week, and we decided to start participating in some of the groups in our area, with such a lot to choose from it took a little time to decide what we were going to do ...
I started the week on Tuesday with Bumblebees parent and toddler group. I really enjoyed myself and I think Kaylee enjoyed some of the toys, but I think that Kaylee is a little too young for it at the moment ,especially as the rest of the group consisted on 3 very boisterous boys, but oh well! live and learn!
On Wednesday we were all geared up to do Baby music makers which is a group designed for babies under 2 with simple instruments and singing, Sadly I managed to get us lost and so we didn't get there on time, the good news however is that I know exactly where it is for next week, with the added bonus that some of my new friends are also going which will be great fun ;)
To round off the week me and Kaylee went to our first Baby Bloom course session. This is a six week parenting course where you learn about communication, feeding, massage routines sleep etc....
I really enjoyed this session, I got to meet other mums and their babies, most of whom were born around the same time as Kaylee ;)

The next week is shaping up to be quite fun, as my mum and dad are having Kaylee for the night for the first time! Me and Andy have been invited to his works party which will be great fun I'm sure ;)
We also have baby massage to look forward to on Monday which we are totally excited about!

Well that's all for now, enjoy the pictures of our beautiful baby daughter below as well as her first mini video!

 Looking forward to Bath time!

 A proud mummy and a bored daughter!

 Kaylee revelling in her brand new playmat!